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A New Book Inspired by Lily Bell
“Lily Bell: Worthy of Love”

Lily Bell: Worthy of Love, Amanda Thackeray’s book has been launched. It is available for pre-sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble and other online retailers. It will be released on May 14th. You can go to website www.threeeggsnest.com for info, events, and read blogs. Look for us on Facebook and like, follow, share.

Lily Bell: Worthy of Love is a timeless fable written for children yet touches the heart of all ages, especially those with special needs who long to be included. It is a story of a frail yet determined dove named Lily Bell who is unable to fly. With the help of her family and some unlikely friends, she journeys through the forest to finally find what she has been searching for: her purpose and worth. Lily Bell realizes that she can do all of the things she had hoped for, just in a different way.

We are all wonderfully made with a unique purpose and plan for our lives. Through our brokenness or “imperfections,” we are able to help others. With the “perfect” self-image being projected on to today’s generation, the story of Lily Bell: Worthy of Love is a heart-warming, uplifting, and relevant change that delivers a strong message of acceptance, friendship, and courage in a way that children will understand and adults will appreciate: we are all worthy of love.

About the Author

AMANDA M. THACKERAY, PH.D., Author – was born and raised in Great Britain and spent each summer with her grandparents in the Netherlands. Her family later moved to the United States, where she became an early childhood educator while earning a masters and doctoral degree in Child Development and Family Relations. Amanda spent many years researching children’s relationships with God, and later founded and directed a faith-based elementary school. After the arrival of her third son, Amanda was called back to the nest to homeschool her three little eggs. She is now teaching her little biddies to stretch their wings and fly as they embark on their own journey away from their nest.

Amanda and her husband, Dr. Jason Thackeray, live in Destin, Florida, with their three sons Houston “Bubba,” Cade “Wiley,” and Silas; their dogs, Molly Scout, and Creed; and rabbit, Bambi.

“Lily Bell: Worthy of Love” – Featured in On the Coast Magazine