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Send donations to “Lilybell Hope Foundation” attn. Kristy 4399 Commons Drive. Suite 100A Destin Florida, 32541.   Founded in 2010, The Lilybell Hope Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3.   EIN 27-2493922.  Taxable receipts will be sent to you by mail.

Our Mission

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Every Child Deserves the Chance for a Healthy Future. Help Preserve HOPE!

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The Lilybell Hope Foundation is dedicated to increasing public awareness and education about the benefits of preserving umbilical cord blood stem cells. Our Mission is to help any family in need to store their cord blood for preconceived situations financially and emotionally.

Understanding Cord Blood

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Cord Blood Facts


Your child’s cord blood stem cells have an amazing power to heal. Today cord blood stem cells are used in the treatment of nearly 80 diseases, including various types of cancer and blood diseases, and research continues to expand the medical uses of cord blood. Storing your child’s stem cells means you’ll have direct access to a related source of stem cells — and options for medical treatments and research opportunities should the need ever arise. Sometimes simply having options can make all the difference.